My Life My Style

The Lanson Place Community

“The freedom to immerse yourself in a foreign culture begins with a sense of comfort. Find yours in the understated elegance and serenity in Lanson Place.”

My Life My Style is a campaign that showcases the unique experiences of Lanson Place residents through their photography and written testimonies. Lanson Place makes its top priority welcoming guests and providing them a calm, relaxed and pleasant new home. With that peace of mind in place, our residents feel free to explore and immerse themselves in their new environment, ultimately becoming active contributors within their adopted communities. My Life My Style is a unique proposition to express this special integration.

Lanson Place introduced the “My Life My Style” concept to the public in 2012. The campaign reinforced our Lively Living concept through a series of seven photos taken in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

1284-Calligraphy  1284-Mahjong

1284-Ceramic  1284-Golf - Copy  1284-TaiChi